Charges, Advice and How To Book:

How to Book:

Bookings can be made via telephone, email, Facebook, text or even by catching me at the local garage as some have.  I will always send out confirmation of your booking, deposit details (if required by me for peak times), a copy of my disclaimer and PLI cover.  For corporate events you also receive a copy of my risk assessment.

I do advise early booking as I am usually booked up 2 months or so in advance, but don't let that put you off a last minute enquiry as you never know.  Even if I am booked, I am always able to put you in contact with another painter who may be able to help you.  I organise a Facebook group for Plymouth based painters and we regularly network.  This means you always end up with the best deal by having a painter who is reliable, organised, prompt, good at their work and with children and are insured.


Generally birthday party bookings tend to last for 2-3 hours.  Annie's Funny Faces operates with a minimum 2 hour booking.  If travel outside of the Plymouth area is required then an additional charge is made for travel.  The cost of a 2 hour booking starts from £70 or £75 to include glitter tattoos.

Please note we do not offer face painting or glitter tattoos to children under the age of 3 years as our products are not recommended for use on the under 3's and therefore this would invalidate our insurance.

In a 2 hour booking, Annie is able to face paint approx 22-24 children, depending on length of stopping time for any party food. Alternatively, if you book both face painting and glitter tattoos together, then more children may be catered for, although this will be completely dependent on how many children choose a face paint over a glitter tattoo.

As a guide, Annie can paint 12 good quality faces per hour, depending on designs required by children Annie can paint up to 15 faces per hour.  For glitter tattoos, Annie is able to apply up to 20 per hour.

Party Advice:

If you are expecting a higher number of children to attend the party, then you may decide to book Annie for glitter tattoos only.  As these are more costly to provide than face painting, a slightly higher rate is charged which will depend on the total number of children expected, however this only applies when booking solely glitter tattoos.

Please bear in mind, stopping the party for food time does eat into the amount of painting time available (pardon the pun).

Some parents may want every child attending (who wishes to have something done) to be catered for and you need to consider this in the time factor when making a booking.

Annie arrives at your venue or address approx 15-30 mins before the start of the party to set up.  Packing away will take approx 10-15 mins.  If you are hosting the party in your own home, it may be advisable to put an old sheet or cover on the floor where you would like Annie to set up to avoid copious amounts of glitter invading your carpet and it remaining sparkly for a few weeks.

When you book Annie, she will issue you with a booking contract for you to carefully check the details and agree to the terms of hire and payment.  This is usually sent out via email to save our trees.  Once the contract details are agreed, and these are very basic, then you're all booked in and ready to send out your party invites.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that parents/guardians of those attending are aware face painting and/or glitter tattoos are taking place.  Any child who should not be painted or tattoo'd should be made known to Annie.  Most children are sensible and are quickly able to say they are not allowed to have this done due to allergies.

Corporate Hire:

When hiring Annie's Funny Faces for your event, please consider the following points:

  • if an outdoor event, cover will need to be provided.  A gazebo can be provided at an additional cost, however this cannot be set up in winds exceeding 15mph.  Prior experience confirms that a gazebo flying across a field or car park is not a pretty sight.
  • if an indoor event, please ensure that Annie's location is not immediately in front of any entrance/exit or fire doors.  Sadly these locations have been used in the past and do present H&S concerns for all involved, including where children could be queuing with parents outside a main door near a car park.
Annie is able to provide a team of face painters if more than 1 is required and we operate on a minimum 2 hour booking time with a travel charge outside of the Plymouth area being applied.

Charges start from £40 per hour, however bookings exceeding 6 hours are then discounted.  Please note during any booking exceeding 4 hours, Annie will be entitled to a short break.  Bookings of 6 hours and over will include a short lunch break and comfort breaks as required.

If your organisation operates on an invoice and purchase order number system, Annie will issue you with a booking contract:
  • You will need to raise your purchase order details and email this across promptly please. 
  • For first time corporate customers there are NO credit facilities, this means payment will be due in full on or before the date of the event.  
  • If you are a returning customer, you will be offered credit facilities of 30 days.  However if the invoice is not settled in full within the 30 days, a late payment charge will be applied.  Details of this will be in your booking contract.


Annie supports 4 charity events per year and has currently reached the quota for 2015.  Therefore we are not able to offer any further free fundraising face painting for the remainder of 2015.  Annie takes great pride in supporting local events and is still able to attend some local events on a pay per face basis to returning customers.  Annie does not attend pay per face events outside of the Plymouth area unless exclusivity is guaranteed.